Medicare for All

As a director of safety net health clinics, Bobby has seen our broken healthcare system firsthand, and knows we need Medicare for All now.

Cleaning Our Air and Fighting Climate Change

The 22nd District is one of the most polluted regions in America.  Bobby is committed to cleaning up our air and water and backing a Green New Deal.

Fix a Broken Government

Bobby is running for Congress to help fix Washington and will fight for campaign finance reform to get big money out of politics.

Clean Water

I believe that Valley agricultural lands are a strategic resource for our nation. We must ensure a reliable supply of water to maintain that resource.

Fully Funded Public Education

Bobby understands the immense power of a quality public education and the burden of student loans, and will fight to fully fund our schools.


Bobby knows that if we lose all our small farmers, we lose a critical part of our national strategic resource, and will fight for them in Congress.

A Fairer Economy

Bobby knows we can build the middle class by ensuring that working families don’t just live pay-check to pay-check but can grow their families’ wealth.

Humane Immigration Policy

As the child of immigrants, Bobby is determined to combat the Trump Admin’s backward agenda, including protecting DREAMers.


Bobby knows that every American who has fought for our nation deserves dignity, respect and basic prosperity.