• California Democratic Party

  • SEIU California

  • Central Valley Leadership Round Table

  • Communications Workers of America Local 9408

  • Tulare Stonewall Democrats

  • San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

  • Asian Americans for Good Government

  • Sanger Democratic Club

  • AAA Pac

Community Leaders & Elected Officials

  • Dolores Huerta, Civil Rights Icon*

  • Mike Honda, Former Congressmember*

  • Melissa Hurtado, California State Senator*

  • Jose Sigala, Tulare, Mayor*

  • Miguel Arias, Fresno, City Councilmember*

  • Rodrigo Espinoza Chair of Merced County Board of Supervisors*

  • John Leal, State Center, Trustee*

  • Dr. Perla Soria Lindsay Unified School District, Trustee*

  • Greg Gomez Farmersville, Mayor*

  • Victor Lopez, Mayor of Orange Cove*

  • Laura Soria Cortes Lindsay, City Councilmember*

  • Ruben Macareno Farmersville, Councilmember*

  • Espi Sandoval Kerman, City Councilmember*

  • Brandon Vang Sanger Unified, Trustee*

  • Blong Xiong Fresno, Former City Councilmember*

  • Allen Warren Sacramento, City Councilmember*

  • Steve Ly Elk Grove, Mayor*

  • Ivet Soria Lindsay, Hospital Boardmember*

  • Jose Ornelas, San Joaquin City Council Member*

  • Eliseo Gamino, Firebaugh Unified School District Trustee*

  • Freddy Valdez, Firebaugh City Council Member*

  • Filipe Perez, Firebaugh City Council Member*

  • Kimberly Tapscott-Munson, Fresno County Board of Education Trustee*

  • Daren Miller, Fresno County Board of Education Trustee*

  • Otto Lee, Former Sunnyvale Mayor*

  • Foung Hawj Minnesota State Senator*


*Titles are for identification purposes only