As a director of safety net health clinics for the last 17 years and a cancer survivor, Bobby has seen our healthcare system firsthand, as both a provider and patient. He knows that it’s very expensive and for many, too hard to access. But it doesn't have to be. It’s part of why Bobby chose to run for Congress, because he knows all Americans deserve access to quality, affordable health care.

On the other hand, Devin Nunes last year voted to have 30% of Bobby’s current patients lose their health care coverage, just because they were covered under the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Bobby reached out to the Congressman multiple times to discuss how the repeal and replace bill would hurt his patients, but was given the cold shoulder every time. 

That’s wrong, and in Congress he will fight that sort of mean-spirited approach to health care reform. But he won’t just fight against attempts to deprive people of their health insurance, he’ll also work to ensure Medicare for All to provide every American high-quality and low-cost health care.


The Valley’s agricultural lands are a critical strategic resource for our nation. But they won’t be if we continue to be deprived of a sustainable source of water.

Like many people in the Valley, Bobby owns farmland and for several years, also farmed that land. He still has that deep appreciation for the land, and knows you can’t farm without water.  It’s why in Congress, he’ll fight tirelessly to ensure the Central Valley has a reliable supply of clean water to maintain our vital agricultural resources.


Growing up, Bobby’s parents worked hard to provide for their family and eventually saved the money to open their own small business. But his family also fell on hard times and struggled to make ends meet. 

As someone who remembers what it’s like to struggle, Bobby understands this experience is all too familiar for many in the 22nd District, working two or three jobs just to survive. He knows we can only build the middle class by ensuring that working families don’t just live pay-check to pay-check, but have opportunities to grow their families’ wealth.

That's why in Congress, Bobby will fight to ensure a fairer tax system, increase the availability of job training programs in emerging industries, protect small farmers, and increase investments in healthcare and education.



The 22nd District is one of the most polluted regions in America, with immensely dirty air and water.  Bobby is committed to cleaning our air and water, and knows we can have both jobs & a clean environment. In Congress, he’ll be committed to helping bring high-paying green energy jobs to the Central Valley and combating the climate crisis.

This starts with undoing the damaging environmental rollbacks by the Trump Administration, including restoring the Clean Air Act and re-entering the Paris Climate Accords.  Bobby is also committed to providing federal grants to our local universities and community colleges to strengthen curriculum and training, and ultimately a Green New Deal for the Central Valley.


Bobby understands the immense power of a quality public education and will fight to fully fund our schools.  That means putting more teachers and resources in classrooms, universal pre-K, and expanding vocational training.

As a first-generation college student, Bobby remembers the critical financial aid he relied on, and in Congress, will work tirelessly to address the student loan crisis and ultimately ensure free public college for anyone who wants it



As the child of immigrants who fought alongside American troops and came to this country in search of a better life, Bobby is determined to combat the Trump Administration’s cruel and backwards immigration agenda and fight for a more compassionate and sensible system in Congress.

This includes protecting DREAMers, fighting for a pathway to citizenship for people who have called America home for decades, and keeping families together by not separating children from their parents.


Bobby knows that the greatest way to ensure real reform in Washington is to get big money out of politics.  It greatly sways public policy in the direction of the extremely wealthy and well-connected, and also discourages regular Americans from even considering getting engaged in the political process.

That’s why in Congress, he’ll fight to overhaul our campaign finance system, including overturning Citizens United, reforming laws that undermine democracy for the benefit of wealthy interests, and strengthening public transparency.


As a former farmer, Bobby understands how critical it is to the entire 22nd District’s health and prosperity that we protect our farms and farmlands. Valley farms feed large parts of our nation and the world, but drought and corporate greed threatens their survival. If the 22nd District loses our small farmers, we likely lose that culture forever.

Bobby recognizes the importance of agriculture as a national strategic resource, and in Congress, will ensure we preserve our farmlands. This includes prioritizing on the needs of small farmers who lack resources through grants and low-interest loans, fighting to designate California farmlands as national farm monuments, and working collaboratively to create a national commitment to innovation in agriculture by gathering the nation’s best and most innovative minds to make agriculture more sustainable


Americas' war veterans have a special place in Bobby’s heart. His family fought as part of the American mission in southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and considers them American veterans as well. 


Bobby knows that every American who has fought for our nation deserves basic respect dignity and prosperity. No American veteran should return home from war only to find they have no job, no place to live, or inadequate healthcare coverage.

That’s why Bobby is so infuriated when he sees veterans who are unemployed, without adequate housing, or even wandering the streets suffering from effects of PTSD or TBI.  He knows we can do better, and if elected to Congress, will work to reform the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to make it more pro-active in caring for American veterans.